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SDR as a Service Could be Your Sales Development Solution

Selecting the right SDR as a Service Vendor

Sales Development Reps or SDRs are key to earning qualified leads throughout the sales process. Unfortunately finding qualified salespeople that can deliver results is harder and more costly than we'd like to admit. Let's talk about SDR as a Service is a such solution that can be used to increase business as it provides access to a team of sales professionals who are experts in generating new target leads and developing them into sales-qualified opportunities.

Why SDR as a Service to Build Your Next SDR Team?

SDR as a Service is reducing costs and effort by outsourcing its sales team's tasks to another company or software provider and their internal SDR team. Some of the tasks include lead generation, lead nurturing, outbound outreach, and reporting.

The appeal of SDR as a Service to companies looking to increase revenue lies in dramatically lowering costs by outsourcing SDRs and avoiding the costs of onboarding new employees. This enables sales teams to scale quickly, without the time and expense involved in creating traditional sales teams.

Hiring and training can take months and there's no guarantee that the new hire will even get the job done. In-house processes become risky and costly on your bottom line.

SDR as a Service companies have the tools and experience to help you generate leads right away, all without having to worry about the time, and financial constraints of onboarding. This means freeing up time to focus on your message, knowing that your outsourced SDR team has the insights and ability to drive the meetings you need.

Can Outsourcing your B2B Outbound Drive Better Inbound?

If you're like most businesses, outbound is a key part to your B2B lead generation. Are you making the most of your limited resources by outsourcing outbound campaigns?

There are a number of advantages to outsourced sales development teams that have a proven record of filling pipelines. First, it frees up your internal staff to focus on other activities. Second, it gives you access to a larger pool of potential customers. And third, it allows you to tap into the expertise of experienced sales professionals.

Best Practices for SDR Outsourcing

When looking for an SDR as a Service company, it is important to inquire about the quality of the team that will be provided, as well as their qualifications. Consider the industries they've served as you consider your questions as well.

Another point to ponder when selecting your SDR as a Service company is the remuneration scheme. Some businesses will give you various grades of service to choose from, while others may only offer one level or none at all.

You can also consider working with a software first option like Poseidon that gives you the tools you need to book more meetings with prospects while also giving you access to our sales reps that know how to craft messages and fill your pipeline.


There are many benefits to outsourcing your lead generation to an SDR company. Whether you're a startup looking to validate your product in the market or an established company looking to increase revenue, SDR as a Service can save you thousands of dollars while helping you achieve your goals.


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