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Safe LinkedIn Automation is Possible for Your Sales Team

Doing Linkedin Automation Safely

It's 2022 and the most popular LinkedIn automation tools are changing how social selling works. But there's still a lot of worry about how safe these tools are and whether they will get LinkedIn users blocked from the platform. Let's talk about what makes automated marketing tools and lead generation tools unsafe, and how tools like Poseidon can turn around your next LinkedIn campaign.

LinkedIn Automation Tools of 2022 have Debunked a lot of Myths

There are a lot of myths about the different automation features of AI tools, and it's important that we address those myths first.

Chrome Extensions used with LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are less Safe than Cloud Automation Software

Cloud-based solutions love touting that they're safer than Chrome extensions, but it's not true. Not only are cloud-based LinkedIn automation software not safer, but they are also harder to use and less streamlined. There are a number of these solutions that are easier to detect than Chrome browser extensions.

When we decide to use a LinkedIn automation tool, it was a no-brainer to choose the Chrome extension route. It's secure, and the LinkedIn connection is seamless, making your experience easier and faster.

Using LinkedIn Automation Tools Blocks Your Access

It's important to state that automation tools alone do not trigger a blocked account on LinkedIn. Multiple LinkedIn mistakes need to be made for your activity to be flagged as suspicious. Here are some things that can make LinkedIn bots flag your account: If too many automation requests and messages are sent, or if too many profiles are viewed, LinkedIn will take action. This might include flagging the account, or worse, blocking the account. Sharp increases in activity can also lead to consequences.

The best thing about automation tools like Poseidon is they limit a lot of this activity including, connections on LinkedIn, visits to LinkedIn pages, and LinkedIn messages so that spikes in activity don't appear.

Are there Risks to Using Tools for Safe LinkedIn Automation?

Of course, there are risks to using automation tools, but they're not as great as you might think and they certainly don't outweigh the benefits they bring for LinkedIn lead generation.

There are Unsafe Tools

It only takes one search to find LinkedIn automation tools that offer all the good in their free trials. It's important to take the time to study and even look at the teams of these tools to make sure that they are legitimate solutions you should consider using. We recommend you make a list of LinkedIn automation tools you want to research and do the work.

Usage Limits do Exist for Your LinkedIn Account

As we have mentioned before, it is very important that you stay within the usage limits to avoid having your account blocked.

Some of the automation tools available allow you to send an unlimited number of connection requests and messages which can be risky.

To avoid this, make sure you use a tool that limits your usage or one that lets you monitor it yourself!

Don't use Automation Tools that Automate all of Your LinkedIn Activities

Your LinkedIn outreach should never be completely automated. It's can be tempting with the tools available to take this approach but doing is the riskiest strategy and it won't pay off for anyone. Your target audience on LinkedIn is keenly aware that automation exists and if you automate the whole approach, you're going to lose those prospects.

The Safest LinkedIn Automation Tools Focus on Personalization

LinkedIn tools can be powerful and get you ahead of your competition. Doing LinkedIn automation safely will bring the best results. Personalizing automated messages on LinkedIn is a big part of that but it's not the only way to maximize your leads from LinkedIn.

Leverage the Human aspects of LinkedIn Prospecting and Automate the Rest

There are two key aspects to successful LinkedIn prospecting: the human element and the automation of repetitive tasks. The human element is all about building relationships and connecting with potential customers on a personal level. This means creating content that is interesting and engaging and taking the time to comment on and respond to posts. It also means connecting with people outside of your usual network and getting involved in groups and discussions.

The automation of repetitive tasks is important for efficiency and productivity. This includes using tools to automate tasks such as sending messages, invitations, and reminders. It also includes using filters and search tools to quickly find potential customers and using tracking tools to monitor your progress.

Make Personalization Part of the Process

One LinkedIn tip that always will help you win is personalizing your messaging. It's one of the safest LinkedIn strategies for both automation and converting your prospects. Poseidon is one of the automation tools on the market that makes this easy. We built an automation tool that can help you streamline your outreach while making room for human interaction.

LinkedIn doesn't like spamming and sending the same message over again. When we work with you we go over the best practices for using automation. Outreach on LinkedIn doesn't have to be painful or slow and automation can be your friend.

Safe LinkedIn Automation Drives Incredible Lead Generation. Don't be Afraid to Use the Tools

Safe LinkedIn automation can drive incredible lead generation for your business. Don't be afraid to use the tools available to you in order to get the most out of LinkedIn. There are a number of safe, effective ways to automate your LinkedIn account in order to generate leads. By using these methods, you can connect with more prospects and customers, and ultimately grow your business.


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