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A Sales rep’s job in 2023 is extremely challenging. Limited budgets, pressure to perform. We make a rep’s job 8.3X easier by combining data, keeping track of social sales, collateral sharing, and AI copywriting in one place. And we combine it with amazing customer service.

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Know what to say

Insantly search through your library of messages to find what's worked

Send messages that get opened the first time

Know what messages & content worked, and which of your sales people did the outreach

Personalized Relevance

Know what to say to people that will get them to respond. Get meetings booked with poise and ease.

Dialer Built In

With our built in dialer, you will be able to listen to yourself (or coach your SDR team by listening to calls

Send and Track Nurture Content

Upload PDFs, Documents, and Images with your prospects and know when they've viewed them

Get notified and hit your Sales Goals

Be notified when your prospect responds or views a piece of content so you can respond in a timely manner


Training and Coaching for you (or your team of SDRs, right in line. Sales is hard. Let us help with coaching tips.


Track and understand how much activity has been performed across your Sales team

Prof Services + Training

With our done for you tier, we'll help you build cadences, put together compelling and interesting content to share with your prospects

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Poseidon is the easiest tool I've used to reach the right people at scale. It's also much more secure than other tools out there. Ash and his team have been a dream to work with, offering to go above and beyond to make sure that we're targetting the right people and have more information than we'd have with any other vendor. I've used four of five other tools in the past, and Poseidon is by far the best one I've used.
Engineering Recruiting
One of Poseidon's strongest features is the shared LinkedIn connection list. Instead of waiting for lead lists from my team, I am able to search their entire list of connections and identify potential leads. Poseidon also offers an incredibly user-friendly interface.
Evan S
Electronic Materials Officer
The UI/UX of Poseidon is far better than other products on the market. I've used everything from outreach, Hubspot, Salesloft. Poseidon feels the most modern and intuitive. Not having to bounce between multiple tools like Zoominfo etc, and to have that integrated directly into the platform is a huge time saver. The notes, account notes, and contact adjusting is far superior to what outreach has.
Patrice L
Account Executive
Simplifies the visibility teams have into interactions prospects are having with outbound collateral, push notifications for engagement // Structured in a way that is conducive to training others on best practices (templates, intuitive interface that can be helpful for positive habit-forming, etc.) // When multithreading outreach to a parent company, interactions with all prospects within the company are easy to visualize alongside all historic engagement // Less screen hopping, less manual work // Tagging ability helps with segmenting leads by your preferred method
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Small Business
- It's easy to keep track of the leads you reached out to - Great overview of who was contacted - Decrases the amount of manual work - Automate your Outbound strategy end to end
Lukas M
Founder & CEO, Sales Leader
1. The makers of the tool keep it simple. Too many tools try to sell you into their method which is always too much. If you have a clear point of view of how you want to sell, what you want out of a tool, and not a bunch of extra, this is a good choice. 2. Of the automation tools out there, this one gives you the satisfaction of actually doing the work on screen. It doesn't just do it in the background in a black box. I didn't realize how valuable this would be until I saw it. 3. The founder and engineers are extremely accessible. Service-wise, I feel heard as a customer and many times the product team has gone out of their way to make little things possible for me. Review collected by and hosted on
Andrew S
As a self-described dinosaur who remembers when prospecting was done with a phone and index cards, Poseidon has taken me to a different level in outreach. Easy to use, great support (hat tip Ash); if you're wondering how to advance your sales efforts in a digital world, contact Poseidon today.
Jason A
Vice President, Wealth Advisor
I love that enables touching buyers at different points in the journey, and across the different channels that they may be communicating in. The modern buyers' journey is complicated and multi-faceted, you need a sales co-pilot that understands that and works with it.
Bilal A
Like my title suggest, I am happy to find a tool that let's me focus all of my sales outreach in one place (including videos and documents)
Neil H
Vice President of Sales and Alliances
Simpler tool to align sales & marketing Less complicated and cumbersome than other tools Easy for new teammates to get ramped up with all the research, tools, outreach and materials in one place Easy to act on intent - know when people are viewing things Account data also available right in the plugin. Can see which employees have already been cadenced - who touched it last, and how we reached out to them in the past.
Megan K.
VP of Strategic Sales & Marketing
The ability to create media-rich sharable/trackable links is excellent. It's like martech built directly into a sales enablement platform. It's allowed me and my team to ensure all our sales materials are highly tailored per account and ICP. It's also turned our classic sales folk into youtubers of sort. Creating mutlichannel sequences is also far easier than other platforms I've used. The analytics is great and the support is also fantastic. Founder-level engagement with customer success issues is luxurious. Felt like my product feedback was truly heard and they were willing to add new features to the roadmap.
Blair A
Cofounder and Producer
Love that it has a built-in Dialer. Also, love the fact that it is the only tool that provides multichannel prospecting! FINALLY but not least, being able to search through your library of messages to find what's worked.
Cynthia H.
Senior Sales Director
It allows me to have a CRM for my Linkedin and ease the challenge of messaging people first. I would like to have templates made by me and created by them. Im not sure if I can VOIP my phone, but that would be pretty rad.
Mauricio S.
Enterprise Account Executive
I’ve been using Poseidon since the early days and seeing how fast it's improving is bonkers. Of course it’s effective as an outbound Sales tool, but what I like most about it is that I can use it to add notes directly on social profiles about potential investors, partners, and developers that I want to hire, or people that I want to partner with. Then I can come back to these profiles later on and just remind myself to do something with that person, even if it's just to send them an email.
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