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Top 5 Competitors or Alternatives to Highspot Sales Enablement

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Successful businesses are driven by successful sales strategies that rely on effective and up-to-date techniques and instruments. In times when competition intensifies, and marketing teams come up with new and more sophisticated ways to pitch their products - sales enablement tools allow companies to stand out and pave the way for customized communication with potential clients.

To help you navigate among a broad range of sales enablement tools, we came up with a list of top 5 Highspot competitors that deserve your attention. But first things first:

What Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of empowering sales and marketing teams to close more deals. To achieve this goal, the professionals should be provided with all necessary resources, including documents, in-depth analytics, regular trainings, and online tools to communicate with prospects effectively and be prepared to answer all their questions.

1. Brainshark

If you're looking for a single sales enablement solution to help your team with closing more deals, then Brainshark can be a good choice. The Massachusetts-based company, founded in 1999, has been serving thousands of customers, including the Fortune 100 companies, for over 20 years.

The homepage of Brainshark sales enablement tool

Brainshark is an excellent platform for large enterprises that regularly break into new markets, launch new products, and make merger and acquisition deals. It has a wide range of useful tools to make the most of every client interaction:

  1. Content authoring
  2. Dashboards and analytics
  3. Content management and sharing
  4. Coaching and practice
  5. Onboarding and training.

Overall, the sales enablement platform aids managers in producing and updating engaging content, managing all sales documents from a centralized portal, and finding the most relevant information quickly to share it with prospects.

2. Get Accept

Another sales enablement platform, which can assist your team in engaging with prospects and clients more efficiently, is Get Accept. This San Francisco-based company opened its first office in 2016 and expanded globally quite fast by attracting clients from over 50 countries across the world, including major companies like Samsung and Siemens.

The homepage of Get Accept sales enablement tool

At the heart of the company lie data-driven analytics, sales automation, and personalized engagement features. The Get Accept platform provides its users with such sales instruments as:

  1. Proposal templates
  2. Sales document management
  3. Sales tracking
  4. Sales engagement (live chats, video production, email and SMS functions)
  5. Contract management
  6. Electronic signature

This sales enablement tool simplifies life for sales teams by increasing efficiency, cutting costs, and improving customer engagement.


One more sales enablement tool that can definitely compete with Highspot is The platform makes customer communication management more efficient with artificial intelligence technology. The company, founded in 2015 in San Francisco, also has offices in Boston, Tel Aviv, and Toronto. Among their clients are such well-known enterprises as Zoom, Adobe, and Cision.

The homepage of sales enablement tool

The platform offers managers a variety of products to improve sales processes and analyze every interaction with prospects:

  1. Call recordings
  2. AI-based self-learning sales system
  3. Onboarding and skill development
  4. Market intelligence
  5. Team performance measurement, etc.

The sales enablement solution allows senior managers to evaluate all calls and provide useful feedback to their colleagues. The tool also helps with building a personalized training curriculum for sales reps based on information from real customer calls.

4. Poseidon

If you would like to "network like a god" (an ancient Greek aquatic one anyway) when engaging with prospects on LinkedIn, then Poseidon is the right sales enablement tool for you. The platform allows you to customize communication with your contacts and potential clients by suggesting various message templates that you can modify, save, and reuse if necessary.

The homepage of Poseidon sales enablement tool

All you need is to download and install the free Google Chrome extension to use all the platform's features right on LinkedIn. Here's a list of the funcationalities Poseidon provides:

  1. Personalize your outbound messages
  2. See your recent connection requests
  3. Get notified when your connection request has gone through or messaged you via a webhook or Slack
  4. Send and track your documents
  5. Check grammar
  6. Analyze your sales process
  7. Work in teams

Poseidon has a free version for people who are just testing out social selling but would like to do it right from the beginning. Sales teams can use a professional version which allows them to upload PDFs, documents, presentations, whitepapers, and images and share them with prospects. Additionally, managers on the professional plan can get sales analytics and an unlimited number of message snippets.

5. Mediafly

The last sales enablement instrument that deserves your attention is Mediafly. This Chicago-based company, founded in 2006, helps marketers and sales professionals create, access, and deliver engaging content and presentations.

The homepage of Mediafly sales enablement tool

Its AI-powered software assists companies in boosting their productivity and effectiveness by personalizing content and helping managers to find it within several minutes.

For example, the sales enablement platform allows managers to:

  1. Upload, edit, and access dynamic content online and offline
  2. Distribute customizable content to sellers in real-time
  3. Improve content performance with analytics and reporting
  4. Communicate and quantify your unique value with Interactive Sales Tools.

The platform has empowered over 120,000 marketing and sales specialists and is trusted by large companies, including Procter and Gamble, Sony, 3M, Disney, LG, and many others.


If you are planning to use sales enablement tools to make your engagement with customers more efficient, start with Poseidon. It's a great tool that turns LinkedIn into a professional sales instrument.


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